True, No-Nonsense SEO Services

At Recon Marketing we take Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) very seriously. Our CMO having worked with/or at a number of major SEO firms and companies in the past was able to take all of the truest knowledge and disseminate the common misconceptions.

SEO is the lifeblood pumping through the body that is your website. It’s updated title tags, proper meta descriptions, and more that all match the content of your website. The density of the keywords within your site and pages related to their topic. It’s the piece the search engines like Google use to rank you and determine who your products or services are shown too. The foundational piece that Recon Marketing starts with is what defines all of our regular monthly work going forward. If you just create regular page or blog content or backlinkinks without this foundation piece, you are essentially pumping blood into a dead body. It is crucial that you have this foundation for any other marketing efforts that you will ever leverage.

SEO lays the primary base for your SEM or PPC efforts. By ensuring that you have an optimized site with the most important keywords and search terms allows you to drive down the cost of any paid efforts and avoids higher premiums. Search engines use a bid process for paid advertising and the primary items they base your cost per click on is the keywords you fight for and use in your ad, the title tags and meta descriptions of the page you direct them too, and the content on that final landing page. At Recon Marketing we ensure that you have a full fledge solid base for any future marketing campaigns you may pursue.

The efforts that our marketing team put in place for you will also allow you to be seen organically on search engine results pages (SERPs). We all know that if you aren’t appearing on the first or second page of those results, you probably aren’t being seen. Most users will try a different search at that point instead of continuing to move throught to page 3 or 4 of those search results. Recon Marketing knows that there is no way to truly equate leads to an SEO-Only strategy but we do have one of the only true KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator’s) that can show the success of our digital marketing efforts. We are able to guarantee regular new relevant keywords each month that rank on those first two pages of the SERPs and an increased ranking for other important keywords that you may have already ranked for on farther pages.

One important piece to remember as well, is that this reputation we help you build and maintain follows your domain not just the specific website. This means that when you create a new website or we do for you, that we can ensure the value remains with your domain and help with transitioning optimizations and content to a new website.

Overally our extensive background and experienced team at Recon Marketing can help you refine or build a true SEO foundation that will benefit your business in the digital world for years to come. Call us today or reach out view