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Daily Social Media Posts

Daily Posting On The Best Platforms

Frequently posting on your social media pages is a great way to keep your current conversion van and adventure van customer base engaged with your business and also to find new customers. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about posting on your social media pages. The goal should be to engage with your audience by showing them the content they want to see and interact with. Posting too frequently can leave your audience overwhelmed feeling that they can’t keep up or you are flooding their social media feeds. A high frequency of “salesy” posts meant to sell your audience on your products or services becomes “spammy” to your audience. Posting too often and spamming your audience is a great way to lose followers and brand loyalty. The other big issue many businesses face is that they focus their social media efforts on the wrong platforms. Just because a social media platform is popular does not mean it is the platform that is best for reaching your audience.

We will work with you and help to determine what types of content will be most effective, how frequently to post the content, and which social media platforms will bring you the best results

A/B Testing And Experimentation

Developing a strong social media presence is an ongoing scientific process. Science is all about A/B testing and experimentation. Without A/B testing and experimentation we would never have electricity, cars, airplanes, etc. The same concepts apply to building your social media presence. It will take testing and experimenting with different types of posts and content to determine what is most effective for you and your audience.

We use our 30+ years of combined marketing and social media experience to form a hypothesis with the intent of growing your social media presence in a way that meets your business goals. We then test various tactics and pivot where necessary to bring you social media success.

Setting Clear Social Media Goals

What are your goals for your business? Do your social media goals support your overall business goals? If your social media goals do not support your business goals, then you will never feel that your social media tactics are working. Unclear or misaligned social media goals is a roadblock that businesses run into more commonly than you would probably expect, and it is easy to misalign those social media goals without even realizing the misalignment.

We know how to ensure that your social media posting strategies will best support your overall goals for your business, and we are committed to not only implementing those strategies but also to help you better understand them as well.

Social Media Schedule And Content Bank

Your business is exactly that. It’s YOUR business. As a business owner you should have complete transparency and an advanced look at the content that will be posted to your social media profiles. This advanced look and transparency provides you the opportunity to review the scheduled content with enough time to suggest revisions and ensure that you still have control over what is and is not published for your audience to see.

We start by creating approximately one week worth of content at a time, and reviewing that content with you to ensure that we are speaking accurately and with the proper tone for your brand. After we have calibrated with you we will begin to schedule out more content up to a month in advance or another earlier timeframe that works best for you.