Marcus Alvarado

Chief Executive Officer

About Marcus Alvarado

An accomplished entrepreneur and digital marketer, Marcus started his career as a freelance marketer while attending UCCS from 2009-2014. Before graduating with his Bachelor’s degree in Business, he co-founded the university’s first-student ran marketing club: The UCCS American Marketing Association. Upon departure, Marcus had made a name for himself as an experienced marketer and had the opportunity to spearhead the marketing for Eco Cabins, one of the first builders in the tiny house movement. With them, he had the opportunity to market the first tiny home model to be featured on the HBA Parade of Homes in the country – Winning the coveted 2014 Colorado Springs Parade of Homes’ People’s Choice Award.
In efforts to continue work with the Colorado Springs’ HBA, EcoCabins decided to organize a complimentary event during the opening weekend of the 2015 & 2016 Parade of Homes. For both summers, Marcus organized the world’s largest tiny house exhibit (50 tiny houses), The Tiny House Jamboree, which took place in Colorado Springs, CO. This event brought over 50,000 people from all 50 states and 14 countries, gaining international attention. With events being hosted on The United States Air Force Academy and The Western Museum of Mining and Industry, The Tiny House Jamboree had instilled also itself as one of the largest events in Colorado Springs history – The New Yorker.
In the Summer of 2018 & 2019, Marcus coordinated his own tiny house event (out-of-pocket) called, The People’s Tiny House Festival, which drew in over 50,000 attendees and brought in an estimated economic impact of $5 Million to the Colorado Springs’ economy. Today Marcus focuses his efforts primarily on digital marketing for a select group of local clients through comprehensive social media strategies.