Brett Curley

Owner, Chief Marketing Officer

About Brett Curley

Brett Curley is a marketing expert always looking to expand his knowledge of unique marketing techniques. With over 9 years of experience, he has worked with a number of different marketing firms to expand his skills in email automation, tracking environments, funnel creation, pay-per-click strategies, social media, and more. Brett enjoys staying ahead of the curve when it comes to Google algorithm changes, Facebook advertising techniques, and anything that can help grow a business’ marketing efforts. He also takes pride in being able to improve upon an already established marketing strategy by finding innovative ways to elevate businesses to the next level.
Working with specialty and niche local businesses has allowed him to further think outside the box in regards to marketing strategies and tailoring marketing plans to various industries. Having grown up and worked in Colorado for most of his life, Brett has had the ability to connect to numerous small to medium sized businesses that do not always fall into the “standard” marketing plan. His pride in the community has been evident through maintaining relationships and lending his expertise to local industries, such as butcher shops, gun stores, breweries, and other local establishments.
In his personal time, Brett takes full advantage of everything Colorado has to offer. From kayaking the Poudre River with his supportive wife, hiking 14ers with his opinionated 2 Corgi’s, Lady and Duke, honing his marksman techniques at the local grasslands, and supporting Colorado hockey both on and off the ice, he is always down for a new adventure.

“I challenge myself never to accept a strategy as finished; there is always room to improve.”